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*Grandparenting: The New Reality
Sunday Oct 16 2:30-5:30 PM at La Casa de Cristo, Scottsdale, AZ
Diane and prolific family author Rick Johnson will share some meaningful tips on how to transform your life as a grandparent. Be sure to invite friends and register here.

Women can get caught up in their busy lives, taking care of others and getting it all done…often at great personal expense. Contentment, joy and satisfaction can become scarce and elusive. I love reminding women that in order to truly love and serve others, they need to love and care for themselves. This includes exploring and investing in their purposes and God-gifted passions.

Living boldly means that we live with intention, not just checking things off a list. It requires self-assessment, preparation, courage (to blaze a new trail), humility (when we fall) and confidence to tackle significant jobs and relationships with all we’ve got. When we live boldly we overcome confusion, doubt and mediocrity. We transform each of our purposes and goals into “high-def” pursuits because the outcomes shape us and the way we get there is what defines us. There is nothing boring, average, common or futile about being bold and “high-def” in careers, families, communities…with our health, free time and in our faith. Examples via true stories, strategies and specific practices are incorporated.

The opportunity to speak and share insights and my experiences light me up like a Time Square billboard. My overall message is flavored with humor but I love to connect intimately with my audience about things that matter. “Bold Living” is at the core of everything I share. Being vague, timid, mediocre and luke-warm depletes us, while clear,  vibrant and creative choices energize us into excellence. My messages are faith focused in nature but can all be tailored specifically for religious, business or civic groups. Take a look at some of the topics I’ve addressed recently.

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Transformational Talks

Learning How to Find Joy, Satisfaction and Contentment (Signature Presentations)

Can be used as one inspirational keynote talk or can be intensified with more practical application and interaction with 3 presentations.

Working at Marriage until Marriage Works

Every woman is vulnerable to adultery (whether it is a husband or wife committing it). What can a woman do to prevent this destructive force from hitting her marriage head-on? While marriage has some effortless times, it should always be worked at and protected. Learn some new “job skills.”

Lost…on Parenting Island

Do you ever feel all alone as a parent, like no one on earth could possibly relate because your child and your situation is unique…your challenges bigger than anyone else’s? Well, there’s nothing new under the sun and that includes all forms of parenting trials. Let’s unite and devise a rescue strategy.

Best for Single Session Talk-Can be all-aged focused or for a specific season of parenting.

Parenting Adult Children…

Zipped Lips, Good Wisdom and Strong Shoulder Available—upon request only! You’ve been your child’s mama since she was born, but suddenly she’s grown up and (although she needs you when she needs you) she becomes highly offended with your unsolicited input. Learn to zip your lips, keep your heart from being hurt and how to let your relationship transition into a new and beautiful season.

Best for Single Session Talk

Being Healthy is Beautiful; Feeling Beautiful is Healthy

Learning to see yourself through God’s eyes, and love what you see. The importance of good stewardship of your body while balancing your over (or under) inflated ego. We can also touch on how to press into the Lord during a health crisis.

Single or Multi Session Talk

Building Borders with Margins

Most of us fill every waking minute with our to-do lists. This topic lets us examine God’s plan for Sabbath rest (Me Time), intentional humor and pursuing our passions.

Customized for both Multi and Single Session Talk

Fear Not! Face Your Faith…

Fear drives so many of our decisions but fear is the enemy of the Lord. He didn’t give us a spirit of fear. Diane will share about overcoming fear of failure, loss (of relationships, marriage, children, health, life and finances) and learning to make bold choices without being clouded and imprisoned by fear.

Single or Multi Session Talk

Purposeful Pursuits

It is easy to let our lives be defined by circumstances and propelled by tasks. If you believe God has created each of us with a unique purpose in mind, this topic will energize you into bold action. How to identify your purposes; The significance of purpose in your life; Creating a personal mission statement and more will be shared.

Customized for both Multi and Single Session Talk

Fabulous Friendships

Have you checked in with God lately about the status of your friendships? Do you have some that are totally one-sided and depleting? Are you in a new or challenging season that a new friend could improve? We’ll talk about Biblical models and reasons for friendships and how to prune and cultivate a whole new crop.

Customized for both Multi and Single Session Talk

Restoration and Respect

Every woman has a drawer full of mistakes that she can open or slam shut with a moment’s notice. These talks are designed to help us examine our hearts for unresolved mistakes, terminate the blame/shame cycle and emerge feeling fresh, clean and restored. Through powerful exercises Diane will guide women toward renewal, God’s love and self-respect.

Single or Multi Session Talk