Bold Living is my weekly talk show all about approaching life with grace and grit in order to challenge, encourage, equip and propel listeners towards bolder choices! You will be reminded that you matter to God and He wants you to boldly use your divinely-gifted passions for His glory and your joy.

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Unseen Powers and Prayer

“My plea to you is this: We mustn’t brush this reality aside, thinking that what we don’t know won’t hurt us. What we don’t know absolutely will hurt us, and hurt us in powerful ways.” No wonder Mark Batterson endorses Jack Graham’s book!

Getting Unstuck – Jamie George

Unfortunately, in my willingness to sacrifice for others I am not being a steward of myself. And if truly honest, not really sacrificing. I am doing the EASIER and LAZY thing. Serving myself takes a great deal of effort.

Put Love into Action

Pastor and mega-author Francis Chan wrote the forward to Love, Skip, Jump by Shelene Bryan. He said, “Don’t be another person who wastes his/her life by trying to save it. Join my friend Shelene in doing something.”

Prayer – It’s What Gets Us Through the Trials

The pastor left his sermon manuscript in the pulpit. When the janitor found it, he couldn’t resist the urge to read it. He was impressed, until he stumbled over a note in the margin: “Argument weak here. Start yelling!”

Boundaries for Teen Girls

I always learn so much more from other people’s mistakes than from their success. Allison Bottke knows this is true so she shares candidly about the countless mistakes she made as a teenaged girl.

Got Grace? “Proof” Says that’s Enough

Martin Luther once commented that humanity after the fall is no longer able to imagine any way to be made right with God other than works. Our tendency by nature is to slip into the delusion that our standing before God somehow depends on what we do.

Customized Parenting

It takes courage, work, time, and money to customize your parenting. It requires that you truly understand what makes each child “tick.” It may involve rejecting commonly accepted practices. In short, it means embracing your God-given calling to be a parent and designing a home in which each child can thrive.

Facing Life’s Challenges with Faith, Friends and More

People instinctively know if they’re being schmoozed and it’s always unattractive. The question then is how to offer praise genuinely when someone is glaringly lacking from every visible vantage point.