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Cancer Lady is My New Identity

For now at least, Cancer Lady is a big part of the way people see me. (If I lose my hair, this title will be a truly visible one. I keep wondering, Will I be bald for Christmas?) For those who follow Christ, our identity is in Him. We need to remember to see others and ourselves the way He does.

Christmas Frame of Mind

You might just say that I’m a Christmas junkie. My parents got me hooked as a toddler and my addiction never subsided. Growing up, our little home was decorated to the fullest extent of its capacity with shiny, colorful ornaments. The anticipation for The Big Day was perpetuated by my mom, who loved Christmas as much as any little kid.

Arguing Can Be Relationship Power Tool

Unfortunately we don’t have the training and discipline lawyers do. Most of us let an issue go and grow before we address it. Then we have bad feelings backing up the “issue” giving it a twist. Instead of a useful argument we launch an attack. While the goals may vary from being right to punishment, they are far from helpful.

Rest is a Bold Choice

But if I’m truly honest, the most difficult and boldest choice for me is to simply be still and rest. Author Joan C. Webb reminds us that feeling guilty and not being productive only adds to the exhaustion and burnout we may be facing. And author Keri W. Kent writes about the importance of taking Sabbath rest.

Blessed Indignity of Modern Medicine

Naked once again, except for that awesome patient gown, I sit waiting for my gynecologist. He walks in and we exchange a few friendly comments before he sits on a stool in front of me. He keeps chatting about his recent vacation while he’s seeing stuff that I don’t even want to think about him seeing.

Supernatural or Super Normal?

There is nothing new about the spirit realm. It’s been a part of the Bible since the words were written. We know that there are unseen activities going on around us. The devil and his minion demons exist. They are up to no-good all the time. The mission: “to kill, steal and destroy like a roaring lion.” That sounds about as scary as any horror movie, especially when applied to your own life and loved ones, right? But there’s more…