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Why Pray if God Doesn’t Listen? Nothing Gets past Him!

Hannah wanted a baby so badly she offered to give him back to God if He would just give her a son. She didn’t get that son immediately, but “Scripture says “in due time” God gave her a son who would be one of Israel’s greatest prophets and priests and who would help turn the nation’s heart back toward God.

How to Recognize God’s Voice

I have never experienced an encounter with God in which there was an audible voice, a thundering from heaven, a burning bush, or a rushing wind. It was usually a still small voice that gave me an inner peace, a loving rebuke that changed my ways, the written Word of God that pierced my heart, or a sense of calling and direction that wouldn’t let me be until I followed.

Three Ways to Inspire Your Daughter

Our daughters are hard-wired to want to please their mothers and make them proud. That’s why it’s important that we affirm their efforts. Your daughter may still be struggling to figure out what she wants to pursue in life. Give her time. Allow her to fail. And be her cheerleader…