About Diane Markins

Diane Markins writes and speaks in a “high def, authentic style” about issues that impact “tweenior women” (between 34 and 65). She inspires and challenges women to know themselves vividly and live boldly, as she does… for God, as a wife, mom, grandmother, businesswoman, speaker and writer. Married to her high school sweetheart in 1979, Diane has two adult children and 4 grandkids.


An Arizona native, Diane divides her time between family,  platform speaking, radio, business, and writing. She believes that God uses our experiences (good and bad) to shape our identity so that we can encourage others. She served on the board of directors of the Mental Health Association of Arizona because her children struggled with depression and panic disorders in their teens. This allowed her to gain compassion and a deeper understanding of mental health issues that so many people face.

Brad and Diane led a premarital counseling ministry because of her belief that marriage is a core stabilizer in society and it takes hard work to make marriages succeed. She shares boldly about the challenges they’ve overcome. They continue to offer coaching support to couples.

Passionate about seeing new people and places, Diane jumps at the chance to travel. She has visited much of the U.S., Europe and even a few African countries. She has gone on missions trips to help Mexico’s neediest people because she believes, as our closest neighbor, Mexico is an obvious and accessible country to serve. Diane is a sports fan (especially AZ teams), which is right in line with her belief that recreation is refreshing for the soul. Not limited to only watching sports, she spends time with her family boating and blazing around in their off-road vehicles. She works at keeping fit with Christ-centered yoga and other torturous efforts.


Diane taught college journalism courses for seven years and practiced public relations for 20 years. Freelance writing (CBN.com and many others) and hosting a Christian radio show have allowed her to meet interesting people and write about a wide array of topics.

Her book, Women in High Def, Boldly Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity is an Amazon Kindle best seller.