Rest is a Bold Choice

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The last few weeks have been so busy my head is buzzing and I’m pooped out. My mantra of Bold Living was starting to sound a little too ambitious, even for me. Then it occurred to me that bold doesn’t equate to busy. One of the essential components of making bold choices—and a chapter in my first book—focuses on Me Time. That can mean something different on any given day and certainly to each individual.

Sometimes the biggest challenge I have in grabbing some Me Time is determining what fun thing I want to do. Do I want to curl up with a good book while I pet my dog? Do I want to break a sweat at the gym? Do I want to watch a football game (Go Cardinals!) or see what my friends are up to on Facebook?

But if I’m truly honest, the most difficult and boldest choice for me is to simply be still and rest. Author Joan C. Webb reminds us that feeling guilty and not being productive only adds to the exhaustion and burnout we may be facing. And author Keri W. Kent writes about the importance of taking Sabbath rest.

If I’m going to continue sharing my Bold Living and Contentment messages, I’d better do it from a place of practice. It wouldn’t represent authenticity or integrity if I ask (tell) other people to live boldly but am not doing it myself.

So, to keep it real, I’m confessing my struggle here and will promise to be intentional about having more Me Time…and incorporating simple R &R in the mix.

Most people shove Me Time—especially resting—to the bottom of the list. Where is it on yours? Do you need to rearrange your priorities to include it? What’s ahead of it that you could bump down? Share your thoughts to encourage others battling this issue.

Bold Blessings,

  • Joni Corby

    My word for 2012 was “REST”…. little did I know that I would be getting many chances to rest… sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstance. I agree with this post. CHOOSE REST!

  • joancwebb

    Yes, sometimes it’s hard to take a real rest, isn’t it, Diane? Even when we pause to rest on the outside, our minds and hearts race on. Perhaps it’s our “shoulds” that keep us going past our reasonable human limits. Maybe we’ve taught others that we’re super-women–willing, skilled and available to make life easier for them. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely someone else will suggest we relax. But I now believe that God grants us permission to take responsibility for our own “rest” needs regardless of what others say. Makes me smile.

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  • hester christensen

    Oh Diane, What a timely message. Everywhere I turn, the theme of rest is there — God is speaking indeed. Thank you, Hester 😉