Cultivating Patriotism

Cultivating Patriotism

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“My God!  How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!”  ~Thomas Jefferson

While visiting Boston last fall and touring the Freedom Trail, I saw some physical evidence—lasting remnants—of the history of our country. Reading history books and learning about the sacrifices it took to bring about a revolution doesn’t compare to standing near the graves of people who lived and died there.

The Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4th, 1776. It was, in fact, intended to be a long list of gripes and grievances against Britain. It made clear the demands of those who had lost property and lives to obtain liberation and rights. It was mostly about liberty and fairness. Issues like “taxation without representation” were prominent on the list.

All this can become terminally boring and irrelevant if we let it. It seems like a work of fiction from a far-off land. The fact is, it wasn’t really that long ago or far away. And it certainly isn’t fiction. Many brave people lost their considerable wealth, lost loved ones and even their own lives as they endeavored to set the standard of freedom for future generations.

As we grill burgers, watch elaborate fireworks shows and take a dip in the pool, perhaps it isn’t too much to sacrifice a moment to remember those who went before us. Share a little American Revolution trivia over the home-made ice cream. Say thank you to the God whom those brave men and women served, and who answered their prayers. This is clearly evidenced by the many freedoms each of us enjoys every day in the United States. God Bless America! I’m humbly and deeply grateful to be one of her truly free citizens.

Are you patriotic? Do you ever stop to think about the sacrifices others have made so that you can live life as you please? What can we do to help future generations of children understand, respect and appreciate their American history? How can being a patriot enhance your contentment? Comment below.

Diane Markins

  • Robin Nobert

    Good column Diane! We were just in San Diego this week with some old friends from Kansas & toured the USS Midway Naval Ship. Altho, this ship was not finished until 2 weeks after the war ended in 1945..they say it has been in every battle/war since then. Just the joy of seeing all the airships on the flight deck & talking to “real” WWII vets that were on board that day….makes me excited to be part of this great nation and realize the sacrifice all those before us have endured for our modern freedoms!

  • J&J

    Get the liberals and unions out of our education system. How can our freedoms be preserved when our children and grand children don’t realize we even have them? Patriotism starts with reconizing the repeated sacrifices made to protect the way of life created by our founders. Sadly, this is the true dumbing down of America.

  • G’ Morning, Diane. Thanks for your blog message. Yes, I’m truly grateful for the freedom I enjoy in so many areas of my life and made possible by God and the Founding Fathers.
    I appreciate the work of the Alliance Defense Fund–and the Presidential Prayer Team. This year I was deeply touched and impressed anew when I read again the first part of the Declaration of Independence. I even typed it on my blog.

  • Our own history is as riddled with blatant evidences to the hand of God as George Washington’s coat. Let me explain-

    I read this story out of a book published by DC Talk (I think)

    Once, when George Washington was serving the British during the French and Indian war his army was ambushed- during the encounter he had two horses shot out from under him and miraculously survived hours of enemy fire- complaining later in a letter, he complained that his officer’s jacket was full of holes… years later, as he was serving as our first President, an old indian chief came to him. He explained how he had commanded the indians at that battle, and that his men had shot at George Washington so many times- with bullets which hit him again and again- yet never seemed to touch him- that he finally told his troops to quit wasting ammo! The old chief wanted to meet the man that the Great Spirit (IE God) had supernaturally protected so many years ago… wow…
    God has a plan for us here in America, and we should remember his great works long ago, and expecting greater things to come!

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