3 Foods to Add for Fitness Fuel

3 Foods to Add for Fitness Fuel

Good health is a huge piece of the contentment puzzle and being healthy requires at least a little food with nutritional value. You don’t have to give up your Sunday afternoon nachos or your Saturday evening vino, but remember guacamole isn’t considered healthy greens.

It’s actually simple math…what you ADD is tremendously more consequential than what you take away. So here are three foods to add for fitness fuel. Try just including one of these in your diet. You’re not giving anything up. You’re not taking medicine. But the health value is big. Joy will follow.

Riced Cauliflower

Anyone trying to get or keep their weight down knows that too many carbs are not a good idea. But carbs are awesome. It’s pretty amazing that you can replace traditional carb-a-licious rice with cauliflower and feel really satisfied. There are plenty of instructional videos on how to make it, and it’s not hard. But if time and convenience matter, you can buy it prepared, packaged and frozen for instant use. I found it at Trader Joe’s but there are other options. Heat it up, drip some low sodium soy sauce on it and whammo, no-carb, salty goodness.

You can also do a combo of brown rice with the cauli and it cuts carbs in half. Top it with chicken stir-fry or grilled steak medallions. I’m going to experiment using it for oatmeal substitute with some stevia and almond milk. We’ll see.


Com-who-cha? The name sounds exotic and when you find out what it is, you might say a fast No Thanks. Wickipedia says Kombucha is any of a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly intended as functional beverages for their supposed health benefits. Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a “symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast.

Well that sounds tasty.

It might not be as good as a Yoo Hoo or a nice pino but many flavors and brands aren’t bad. Once again, you can DIY, which requires ordering some special stuff and a lot of patience to wait for it to ferment. Or you can buy it pre-made and individually bottled.

So why? Just why? Why would anyone volunteer to pay for and suck down a colony of bacteria and yeast?

Every health expert you talk to, especially those who are holistic, will tell you that ALL health begins with gut health. You need good gut health for your immune system and to fight inflammation. Kombucha is a major building block for gut health. Give it a shot. How bad can it be?


There can’t be a human living in America that hasn’t heard, “eat your greens.” From the time we’re little til we’re in the grave, people are pushing greens on us. Some people LOVE salad. They eat all the best ingredients with a little lemon spritzed on top.

You might be more like my husband who eats a token amount as a nod to health and not to offend the cook. Others go to a salad bar and load their plates with cheese and croutons and thick ranch dressing. The value of veggies just got diminished by the unhealthy additions.

All greens are not equal. Iceberg lettuce has about zero value, other than as a vehicle for gooey toppings. Kale is all the rage, but it’s an acquired taste.

Face it, while getting your greens is necessary for good health, it’s complicated.

Here are a few easy-peasy ways to make it happen.

  • Juice your greens. Do it yourself (which is best but time/labor-intensive and expensive) or buy it bottled (which is even more expensive).
  • Drink up. There are flavored, powdered greens you can add to all that healthy water you drink during the day.
  • Take a pill. There are simple greens put into capsules you choke down each day for the quick/easy route.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll spend cash but this is a worthy investment you can try making.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you’ll try adding at least one of these to fuel your fitness, but if not, add something else. Math doesn’t lie and contentment requires better health. It all adds up.

*I’m not endorsing any of the linked products or videos, just wanted to give you a place to start looking.

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