HELP! I Need Somebody

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

I need help! This isn’t a desperate plea because I’ve fallen and can’t get up. This is a statement of fact in my life overall. I can’t “do” life alone and I think that’s true for all of us. Some folks tell themselves and others that they can handle things without assistance. They may even believe it, but the time will come when that lie is exposed and it won’t be pretty—especially for the self-deluded person telling it.

Am I incapable or incompetent? Far from it; I earned a college degree, help run a business, manage a household, do volunteer work and maintain many precious friendships…but I do none of those things without the help of others.

I rely on my accountant and banker to provide sound financial advice. My husband makes me feel beautiful but is also my business partner. We depend on each other as well as the wonderful group of people who work hard to ensure its success. My doctor takes great care of me and listens patiently every time I hear about some new cancer scare, asking if I need to be tested.

My two sisters (one is in-law), my mother-in-law and step-mom are my biggest cheerleaders. They help me believe I can keep going when I want to stop. My two daughters (one is in-law) let me know that I’m admired and will always lend a helping hand. My two dads (one is in-law)  and son have mastered the art of making me feel both respected as a capable woman and protected as their treasure.

Each of many friends plays a different in part in how successfully I “do” life on a given day. Some pray for me, some pray for my kids, some bring me laughter, some have all the answers, some know all the right people and some are full of inspiring words.Some have a stash of chocolate. All add value to my life. Without those elements, how would I manage to keep living life with a commitment to excellence? How would I have enough left to encourage, advise, inspire or equip someone else? The answer is simple. I wouldn’t.

God didn’t create us to be alone. He knew we’d need others to love, encourage and teach us. In Philippians 2:1-4 Paul talks about working together, sharing a common purpose. If my purpose is to encourage, help, love and support you and your purpose is the same toward me…we both win. We both have more peace, joy and contentment.

Are you the “independent” type or do you ask for help, giving back just as freely? Take stock of your life. I’ll bet anything you’ve accomplished that’s been supported by a loved one is more meaningful than those you believe you’ve done alone. Another Paul (McCartney) shared some pretty profound words when he sang with his fellow Beetles about needing HELP!….Help me get my feet back on the ground

What type of help seems most significant to you right now? Are you getting it? Have you asked?
Diane Markins