Waiting and Wondering or Reacting and Regretting

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Beginning a new year is a great time to look at life as it is and consider some possibilities of how it could be. It’s easy to put this off and wait until later…but sometimes it seems that much of our life is spent waiting. In a small sense we wait in line for a vanilla latte, we wait for our car to fill up with gas, we wait for the cable guy to show up (between 8 and 12…ha! usually it’s 12:10).

In a bigger sense we wait to meet the man of our dreams, we wait nine months for our baby to be born, we wait for a job promotion or a pay increase. Waiting is a fact of life on earth.

But are you looking at your own life and weighing how much time you’ve spent waiting? Have you waited (maybe too long?) to make a change, chart a new course or accept an unchangeable situation?

The opposite is true as well. Sometimes we jump in and take action without spending much time or thought on the process or likely results. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hoping some of you will relate to trying to “fix” a situation instead of allowing God or others to take care of it. Acting too quickly can lead to comedic and sometimes tragic results.

In either case there is an antidote and a way to prevent a repeat. Check in with God. A LOT! Talk to Him, read His word and get confirming wisdom from a spiritually mature friend. It would look something like this:

“Lord, I really hate my job but am grateful to have it. Thank you for provision. Please bring me clarity about when/if I should take any action to change my circumstance.”

•Then consider why God may have you there and the possibilities of making a change.
•Find a Believing buddy and ask for his/her prayers, insight and encouragement.
•Read in your Bible about people who’ve waited on the Lord and others who’ve taken obedient action. (Jesus has done both.)

When we wait on God’s timing, then take deliberate action, the outcome is likely to be refreshment and contentment. I hope your life is filled with intentional waiting while God strengthens you, then fruit-bearing action when the time is right. Your life story is legendary to its author!

Post a comment about changes you’ve been waiting to make and what’s holding you back or about times you’ve rushed to change without considering the consequences.
Diane Markins