Unseen Powers and Prayer

With a new poll showing that about 80 percent of the population believes in angels, Jack Graham’s message should be well-received: “Behind every win and every loss…beneath every success and every failure, spiritual forces are at work.”

His new book is entitled Unseen; Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell… and Winning the Battle for Eternity. That’s a mouthful and a lofty title, but the book doesn’t fall short.

Graham says he didn’t learn much about “spiritual forces” during his youth. Regarding heaven and hell, he (like many of us) was taught that one was desirable and the other wasn’t.

He says, “my plea to you is this: We mustn’t brush this reality aside, thinking that what we don’t know won’t hurt us. What we don’t know absolutely will hurt us, and hurt us in powerful ways.” No wonder Mark Batterson endorses Graham’s book!

In my eye-opening interview with him we talked about fear, Satan’s strategy and the mission of angels. He explains in very simple, common terms what it means to put on the “armor of God” every day.

Graham says that warfare prayer is different from the every day, “God is great, God is good” type prayers. “Warfare prayer is militant praying, aimed solely at dispelling darkness with light, at overcoming evil with good, at advancing the causes of Christ in the world. We need more believers praying this way. We need them fighting from their knees,” he says.

Some of the important ingredients to warfare prayers are faith, humility and a righteous heart. Primarily, warfare prayer is worship.

If you’ve been avoiding thinking about the “unseen” powers that fill the Bible, now is the time to take a look and recognize that you don’t have to see to believe. The battle is raging on around you even if you aren’t willing view it with spiritual eyes.

We can expect to net some huge gains by warfare prayer, such as: power, protection and provision. What have you got to lose? Ask God to reveal the “unseen” to you today and ramp up your prayers to make a much bigger impact.

Share your supernatural experiences and awareness in a comment below. You might win a copy of Unseen.