Boundaries for Teen Girls

I always learn so much more from other people’s mistakes than from their success. Allison Bottke knows this is true so she shares candidly about the countless mistakes she made as a teenaged girl. She was a run-away at 14 and involved in abusive relationships from a young age. She became pregnant, had a child and was divorced before her 21st birthday.

Allison knows that value of boundaries for teen girls and wishes she had been blessed with someone to give her a little guidance during these tumultuous years. That’s why she wrote A Young Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries.

In her book, and in my very real chat with her, she talks about how her boundaries were broken as a small child and offers advice to women who’ve experienced abuse from a young age. She offers simple advice about how to leave behind shame and guilt from the past to fully embrace God’s love and the future He has for each young woman.

Be sure to listen to this one and share it with the teen girls you love. Post a simple comment below (“I love this topic”, etc) to win a copy of the book. Your experience and advice is also of great worth, so feel free to contribute.


  • Important topic. And so needed. Thank you, Allison and Diane.

    • Joan, I LOVE this topic and there is no one better to address it than Allison Bottke! Thanks for your comment.

  • Lisa

    At first living without boundaries feels like freedom, especially as a teenager; but in reality it’s a great big prison. Not having the strength or courage to tell yourself “No!” is truly the same as wearing invisible chains.

    Growing up, my grandma lovingly interfered with my parents decisions. If they said no & grandma said yes, I could still go! I thought it was great until years later I didn’t know how to stop myself from doing things that were unhealthy for me. Luckily, I didn’t ever truly hurt myself; but it’s taken a long time to realize that loving myself includes staying strong and telling myself No!

    • All of that chaotic advice must have been really challenging to wade through Lisa. I hate learning things the hard way, but I’m so glad you’ve gained so much insight and didn’t have to pay an enormous price like many women do. Thanks so much for sharing.