Worry is a Killer

Did you know that about 40 million Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder and that surveys say 80% of people feel stress about their jobs? When you add the worry of parenting, driving, paying bills and home repair, it can become a pressure cooker in your brain.

Stress will (not might) impact your physical health. From weight (loss/gain), interest in sex and sleep patterns to serious illness, stress can kill you. Relationships, job performance and joy are often impacted as well. Even your relationship with God can take a big hit.

While most people don’t have to fend off wild beasts like our Neanderthal ancestors, the “fight or flight” response is a part of our genetic makeup. A strong-willed toddler, a demanding boss or an unkind neighbor can trigger a massive surge in adrenal glands, leaving you depleted and exhausted.

Now for the good news. You don’t have to live like this. Michael Ross (award-winning journalist and editor formerly with Focus on the Family) shared some great tips on how to make transformative choices based on medical, as well as Biblical research. His book (coauthored with Dr. Arnie Cole) is called Worry Free Living; Finding Relief from Anxiety and Stress for You and Your Family. This might be the prescription you’ve been waiting for… and you can win a copy if you comment below. How do you manage stress? What toll has it taken on your family?

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