Sonflowerz are “Made to Shine”

Not every woman is as fortunate as I am to have grown up with, and still be very close to a sister. Sometimes we all need a sister to help us see our own beauty and potential through the eyes of Christ. Becca and Elissa (The Sonflowerz) are helping young women with this journey through their music, writing and in conferences. Hear what they have to say!

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Sonflowerz are “Made to Shine”

by Becca Nicholson

“I’m smiling because you’re my sister and there’s nothing you can do about it!” With all our flaws, brokenness and busy schedules, it’s hard to know how to make a sisterhood among Christian women (young and old) work. We carry around so many concerns and To-Do lists. God meant for us to be a family – His family! How can we do this with life’s crazy pace and despite our own personal hang-ups?

Meet Becca and Elissa – two very different sisters who found a way to relate and chase their dreams together. From band life, to their own double wedding day, these ladies are making a statement that Christ-like sisterhood can make the world sit up and listen.

Best known for their outstanding harmonies and vertical lyrics, The Sonflowerz bring the term ‘sister-act’ to life. From their early beginnings in 1999 in their church youth band, this award-winning duo has stayed true to their worship band roots. Their dad, the first musician of the family, and British mum, raised the sisters to love music, songwriting and ministry.

The Leander sisters have since hit the road alongside artists Third Day (in London), Building 429, Laura Story, Needtobreathe, Sanctus Real and Sara Groves (on her New England Christmas tour). Leading worship for national event “You and Your Girl”, The Sonflowerz joined forces with LifeWay and author/speaker Vicki Courtney to reach 18,000 moms and daughters in 22 venues, culminating in a nationwide simulcast with 60+ hosting sites.

“Made To Shine” is the Devotional for young women co-written by Elissa and Becca. They are challenging girls and moms everywhere to live and love beyond themselves and their own circumstances. With the grace of God, all things are possible and sometimes it just takes hearing it from a sister in Christ to truly believe it!

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  • Diane Markins

    Becca and Elissa are sweet, funny and down-right real! I think you’ll enjoy our chat as much as I did so check it out and share with the young women in your life. Comment here to win their book or CD.

  • Great post! As I raise a daughter who has a passion for the performing arts, I love discovering more women who are following God’s call and utilizing their creative gifts in music!