Dogs Uplift Us

Dogs have been a significant part of my life since I was born. The comfort, laughter and companionship they bring is impossible to measure. M.R. Wells writes about some unique accomplishments of the four-legged variety. Check out her post below and listen in on the show.

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The Dog Who “Yelled” Fire
by M.R. Wells

Caleb the Korean jindo dog was already starring in two stories for my new book, Dogs to the Rescue, when I received a late night email from his human. Pamela wrote, “Too bad your book is done because tonight Caleb saved me, Zoe, Louie Belle, the chickens, and our house.”

Zoe is Pamela’s other dog. Louie Belle is the cat. Apparently, about midnight, Caleb begged Pamela to come outside. She finally gave in and followed him, turning on the yard light. She and her husband, Jay, who was then at work, have four chickens housed in a movable chicken run with a coop attached. Caleb circled the chickens’ enclosure, and Pamela noticed that they were all crowded together by the little gate at the end of the run. This was not normal, since chickens enter their coop as soon as it is dark and won’t leave it at all until daylight. Nor would they be bird-brained enough to expose themselves to the freezing-cold winter weather.

When she investigated, Pamela saw that the chickens’ hanging heat light had somehow come loose and fallen to the ground. Jay had just reseeded the yard and covered everything with straw. Since the coop had no flooring, the heat light was lying directly on the straw-covered grass. The bulb had a cage around it, but the heat light had fallen so the bulb was touching the straw. That straw was smoking. “If it had caught fire,” Pamela noted, “the flames would have spread via the straw right across the yard to our wooden deck and then quickly to the house. God bless my smart pup for telling me something was wrong. And thank God that I listened to His furry messenger.”

This great story is a capsulated version of why this book was written. Dogs are a gift from God and a means of His rescue. They seem to sense things we humans don’t. They are often willing to do what we can’t or won’t do for ourselves or each other. And in the caring, faithful, ongoing way they love and help us, they point us to God and His rescue.

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