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I remember when watching cartoons meant laughing at the antics of Snoopy or Mickey Mouse. Now the animated programs on TV are not only full of adult content, but most adults I know would be offended by the topics and words they use. Tim Winter, president of Parents Television Council, shares some specific info you may not know and how you can help things get better. You can find all shows on iTunes from my website.

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Children Need to be Protected from Harmful Media Content
By Tim Winter

Protecting our children from the graphic sex, violence and profanity that is all too prevalent in media content is an ongoing battle, and one we cannot afford to lose.

Network executives and their advertisers must be sent a clear message: we cannot and will not tolerate the harmful media content that is being thrust in front of children and families on a near-24 hour basis.

The Parents Television Council has made significant progress over the past year. Here are some of our achievements:
– Pressuring the Oxygen network to cease developing their reality series All My Babies’ Mamas.
– Publishing research on post-Newtown portrayals of TV gun violence, and making it available to every member of Congress.
– Continuing to lead the charge for consumer legislation that would make cable choice a reality.
– Launching 4 Every Girl, a program designed to combat the sexualization of girls in the media.
– Securing a public commitment from the newly appointed FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, to enforce the broadcast decency law.

And yet, there is so much more to do. Far too much of the programming that airs on easily accessible, freely available stations before the hour of 10pm is completely unsuitable for impressionable children.

In addition, new evidence shows that TV ratings are inaccurate and inconsistently applied, rendering some of the worst content imaginable as “acceptable” for children.

Parents Television Council research released in December found that some of the most violent TV-14-rated shows on broadcast TV have similar levels and types of violence as TV-MA-rated cable TV shows.

In order for the system to work properly, content ratings must be accurate, consistent, transparent and publicly accountable. The current system is none of that. It’s time for a comprehensive overhaul of these ratings systems, and those whom the system is intended to serve – parents and families – must be allowed a seat at the table.
Our next goal is to push for ratings system reform. Will you join us? Visit to learn more.

What are your biggest concerns about the trend in TV, movie and video game content? Share your thoughts below and encourage others to speak up!