Both Sides of Fence

Undercover Agent (and Pastor) Busts Human Traffickers

Both Sides of the Fence is the true story of a man known only as “Bishop,” a former gang member-turned pastor who lived a double life as a deep undercover agent in an outlaw motorcycle gang. Bishop discovered a highly structured criminal organization whose members engage in violent crime, weapons trafficking, international drug trafficking and widespread prostitution. This real-life Sons of Anarchy story will take you on the emotional roller-coaster ride of a family man and devoted husband who covertly worked to bring down some of his “brothers.” Gary Chapman will share about getting back in the saddle with some new music too!

Bishop will share his harrowing story on Bold Living Saturday, January 4th.

He was as stunned as I am to learn that human trafficking has become an epidemic in the United States and traffickers are targeting our children and family members in our neighborhoods, schools, malls and public events. The sale of a victim is more profitable than guns or drugs due to the fact that people can be sold over and over and drugs and guns are a one-time exchange. Less than one percent of victims are ever identified, and 83% of those are U.S. citizens.

According to the gang threat assessment from the Department of Justice, there are over one million members in 20,000 gangs operating in the 50 United States. Eighty percent of all violent crime is gang related, with gangs playing a major role in the supply of trafficked victims.

All of us agree that this is a heinous problem but Bishop took a bold stand, put his life on the line and helped stop some of the worst criminals in the country.

Don’t miss this riveting interview.

  • Diane Markins

    This is as powerful as it sounds! Listen to the interview and order the book. You won’t be sorry.

  • Wow! I just listened to the interview. As a mother and teacher, these are scary statistics. Thank you for sharing ways we can step up and make a difference!

  • Bishop Bishop

    Thank You, As you know January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Please share these links to the people in your life you care about so that they can protect themselves and their children from this horrible crime. God Bless, Bishop