Audience of (The) One

When I want to reclaim my mood and attitude I usually turn to music. What I choose depends on whether I need to be energized, soothed, comforted or inspired. I listen to everything from old Beatles to Jimmy Buffet to Kings of Leon. I also love good Christian music but without all the hoopla.

If you enjoy good ol’ Christian music, taking you back to your youth group in high school, you should check out Holly Spears’ new album, Audience of One –
Girl on a Mission Music.

She does a fantastic This Little Light of Mine, and it’s dedicated to a teenager who was killed in a car crash while driving home from a Young Life meeting.

Listen to my interview with Holly Spears on Bold Living. She talks candidly about something I struggle with…wanting to please people. Holly said she was recently reminded that Jesus is the only one she needs to impress. Wow… we all need that reminded.

Other songs on the track include: “How Great Thou Art” “Amazing Grace” “Nothing But the Blood” and “Jesus Loves Me.”

Have your heard Holly Spears’ music? What do you listen to when you want to be inspired and feel God’s presence?