Mothers, Pick up Your Swords!

Mother’s Day is a time to remember, acknowledge and offer thanks to our moms and other women who have nurtured, mentored and modeled the way to live our lives. My mom died in December, 2004 and I desperately miss being able to pick up the phone for encouragement and guidance.

She taught me poise (stand tall and don’t be ashamed of being taller than most people in class). She helped me learn compassion and modeled it well as she served and gave freely to anyone in need.

She also introduced me to Jesus when I was a tiny kid. She modeled a life of loving God and used His word to mentor my sister and me. Knowing God’s word and truth prepared us for the many challenges life brings.

I have done my best to continue this legacy with my kids and grandchildren. As mothers we have a great commission, daunting as it may be, to place the Sword of God’s Truth firmly in their hands.

Lisa Bevere, bestselling author, shared with me on Bold Living about why this is one of the most significant things we can aspire to accomplish.

We talked about her new book Girls with Swords and a bit about Lioness Arising. You (and your daughters) should consider both required reading. They are filled with vivid imagery and messages of inspiration and empowerment. You can’t possibly read them without being propelled out of your seat and into action.

She reminds us that we are created for a purpose and that purpose belongs to the Lord. Getting in the battle is not optional because life (on earth and in the spiritual realm) is full of hazards and enemies. Our most effective weapon is readily available: The Sword of Truth…God’s word.

Armed with this weapon we can successfully fight against the wrongs of this world; sex trafficking, child pornography, abuse, and abortion. Christian women have a big red circle on our chests which the enemy aims at, keeping us distracted and delayed from joining the fight.

Lisa wants us to be reminded that we have a weapon, that we need to dust it off and practice using it.

“You are the daughters of a valiant, virtuous Warrior whose eternal, creative word in your mouth is a living, invincible sword in your hand. You have been entrusted with a weapon without rival in a time like no other. Wield it with skillful finesse, gracious insight and in triumphant love…and strike sure,” Lisa Bevere.

Thank you, moms who are artfully using your swords. For you who aren’t, consider this your invitation to pick it back up, or lift it for the first time. It will be a weighty weapon you’ll never want to lay back down.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Mother’s Day. Be sure to listen to my interview with Lisa Bevere Saturday, May 11th at 11 AM (PST) on KPXQ 1360 AM or thereafter on the podcast which will link below. Share a comment and you may win a free copy of Girls with Swords.

  • Hester Christensen

    This is awesome! I love this topic and find myself passionate about it too. 🙂 Very excited to hear this interview. 😉

    Thanks Lisa & Diane!

    Armored Up!
    Hester, 😉

    • Diane Markins

      Thanks Hester. I was honored to get Lisa on my show. Her books align with my Bold Living message precisely!

  • Diane Markins

    Lisa Bevere is a woman who speaks my language. I hope you’re as inspired and motivated as I am by her books and what she shares on Bold Living.

  • Maggie Walker

    I love Lisa’s passion for helping women. I didn’t realize she had a new book out but I cannot wait to read it and share it with my two daughters. Based on reading her previous books, I know it will share a powerful message.

  • Joni Corby

    I am just getting ready to listen to the radio show with Lisa Bevere and am looking forward to being inspired to use God’s Word more as a sword! Knowing God’s Word allows us to not be deceived and tricked as we walk through life. So, so important! I want words of truth to be on the tip of my tongue and ready to penetrate my hard head and be available to encourage those God puts in my path. Teach me, Lord. Give me opportunities to see Your Word in action. Give me spiritual antennae to see how to apply it…..

    • Diane Markins

      Congrats Joni! You won Girls with Swords. Thanks for your comment. I know your address. 🙂